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Initiate! Integrate! Innovate! These three words stand for i3 Consult. Creative flexibility, powerful teams and solid expertise in the specific business context of our customers: These characteristics enable us to be a reliable and competent partner for complex IT projects.

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i3 Consult represents an international group of consulting companies with offices in Europe and Asia. The group advises large international companies and groups.

i3 Consult helps to improve efficiency, effectiveness and success of IT projects. Our best practices approaches generate lasting added value in development processes and product lifecycles within the field of software and IT.  

Our primary concern is the assurance of a lasting know-how transfer resulting in precise results for our customer.

i3 Consult

  • stands for high quality IT services
  • has a close connection to customers
  • is a company for which people and communication represent key values
  • can quickly adapt to changing market requirements
  • is the mediator between cultures, enterprises and teams

i3 Consult offers professional consulting at the highest level, successfully implementing standardized methodologies and processes in our different services.

We've asked our customers why they think working with i3 Consult bears advantages. They gave us often the following answers:

  • Minimization of project risks
  • Multicultural competence of the consulting team
  • Avoidance of cost explosion near project completion; keeping the project budget healthy
  • Forecasts of product qualities within the development phases
  • Fulfillment of required software quality
  • High stability and low failure rates
  • Support of relevant and international standards, norms, and regulations

Are you interested in our consultancy services? We would be happy to explain our service portfolio.

Our goal is to present our company and our offered services in a very detailed manner on our website. However, the presented and comprehensive web content can solely give an overview.


Therefore, we recommend a presentation or workshop free of charge to assess personnally our expertice and our consultants. Please ask us for related event: Meeting request.

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Short Profile

i3 Consult - A successful consulting firm with dedicated and qualified consultants. i3 Consult is known to many customers from various industries as a reliable partner ensuring outstanding results.

i3 Consult is characterized by high professionalism and customer orientation and sees itself as an ambitious and competent partner. Further information please download PDF.