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i3 Consult has released many professional articles and interviews, which document the superior know-how and competence in the quality management, quality assurance and nearshore / offshore project management related fields.

Professional Articles

The following articles are released in cooperation with our company:

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The T2 test framework at InterComponentWare

T2 test framework

This professional article series is published at Testing Experience, 2008. It explains the T2 test framework, which is implemented at InterComponentWare.

The T2 / T3 represents a complex framework for software testing offering benefitials in both, efficiency and effectiveness: Download now.

Latest Test Technology for Next Generation Apps

mobile testing professional article

This professional article is published at ST & QA Magazine, December 2012. It explains the latest methodolgy and technology to test mobile applications and smartphones in a professional manner.

Testing during software development is always the same? Far from it! When it comes to quality assurance, there are some significant diferences between conventional and mobile applications: Download now.

Always Know What's Going On

quality management professional article

This professional article (Testing Experience, September 2014, TestSPICE) explains the principles of Microsofts IntelliTrace in Visual Studio to establish state-of-the-art qualitity management techniques in the software development.

Microsoft's innovative development (supported by i3 Consult) turns the black box test type of the system and system integrations testing into whitebox testing. This advantage reduces the analysis efforts in terms of errors. Download.

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