Code Quality Management

Would it not be better, instead of finding and solving defects, to design development processes and environments, which avoid defects right from the start? Our CQM solution exactly delivers this kind of development approach.

No Defects!

Based on code analysis tools, i3 Consult offers CQM solutions to detect risk potentials in the program code before they may become defects.

These solutions can be easily integrated, e.g. processes that were developed during the night, so that development departments can access up to date code evalutations. Together with the UT and UIT test results, this approach delivers a complete and detailed picture of the current code quality. This solution supports immediate corrections or code optimization within the current development iteration.

Solution Components

  • Quality strategy
  • Development process
  • Engineering guidelines
  • CQM solution
  • Management reporting

Customer Benefits

  • Approx. 20% reduction of the total development costs
  • Avoiding instead of correction defects
  • Reduced efforts of customer support
  • Reduced amount of service patch and hotfix deliveries
  • Improvement of company and product image