Testing automation is complicated and expensive! The expenses for preparation and follow-up of automated test processes can eliminate the entire benefit. And testing automation can be solely carried out by specialists. That's right! If no testing framework is used: a modern testing framework delivers solutions to the testing automation to use it very easy by significant reduction of the maintenance efforts.


High-Performance Testing Framework

For manual, but especially for automated testing, we use a framework based on advanced and field-tested technologies. This testing framework supports the MBT approach and allows for an easy entry into the world of testing automation.

Our framework eliminates the work with proprietary languages of the test driver and test robot usually necessary to create and maintain testing scripts. Testing tools are programmed automatically by our framework before the actual testing process begins.

Which testing tools work with our T3 testing framework? Our testing framework can be used with all available tools on the market, such as planning tools for testing management as well as the test drivers and test robots for test execution.

Solution Components

  • Abstract, powerful, and tool neutral testing language T3.TML
  • Graphical und textual definition tool for testing
  • Integration of almost any standard testing tool
  • Comrehensive and detailed XML test protocols
  • Tools for the test data management
  • Tools for the object repository

Professional article

Latest Test Technology for Next Generation Apps

mobile testing professional article

This professional article is published at ST & QA Magazine, December 2012. It explains the latest methodolgy and technology to test mobile applications and smartphones in a professional manner.

Testing during software development is always the same? Far from it! When it comes to quality assurance, there are some significant diferences between conventional and mobile applications: Download now.