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Chronological list of i3 Consult press releases.


Relaunch of the i3 Consult online präsentationmore

The new TestSPICE 3.33 is going to be established as an ISO standard. The TestSPICE 4.0 will be the successor of the TestSPICE 3.0 with significant improvements. more

The TestSPICE SIG (Special Interest Group) releases the version 3.0. An international team of reviewers of North America, Europe, and Asia also brought more than 200 suggestions for improvement in the state-of-the-art standard.more

A long-standing trademark dispute comes to a good end. At least this is true for the i3 Consult, an international consulting group for project, quality, and test management in the IT environment.more


i3 Consult offers both management seminars and workshops at their german offices Karlsruhe and Frankfurt. The speakers represent only experts come with in-depth consulting know-how and professional experience in the relevant area.more

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