Our Mission Statement

Our enterprise's philosphy is based on the endeavour to lead our customers to success. Our name stands for intelligent, easy to integrate and internationally applicable solutions with the objective to ensure competitive advantages. The following values guide us.

In terms of consulting, we look about the following guidelines:

We always put great emphasis on a respectful interaction with customers, staff and business partners.

Since we want to understand different points of views in order to find the ideal solution regarding the specific environment.

We operate professionally and based on high requirements. Our objective is to deliver the highest quality possible.

We focus on solutions and results which ensure sustainable and lasting success.

We are obliged to our customers and business partners and live up to our promises.

Owing to the trust we have gained, we are able to carry out complex long-term projects with interdisciplinary teams, both nationally as well as internationally.

We inspire our customers and business partners with promptly available and excellent consulting and other services.

We want our customers to benefit from and act successfully based on the solutions resulting from our consulting.

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Code of Ethics

PDF Code of Ethics

The pdf file "Code of Ethics" (English version) of i3 Consult illustrates all of our ethical principles, which we put into practice day by day as part of projects with customers and business partners.

At the same time we want to provide basic reflections and definitions of our professional self-image with the objective of excellent consulting and other services: download.