Invest in Professional Tools

As part of our consulting activities, we use the best tools of well-known manufacturers. However, we realized that they can become more performative and effective by the integration of our tools and frameworks.

From Practice Into Practice

i3 Consult tools were generated in consultancy practice, focussing on increasing the effectivity, efficiency and security of your processes. Our software increases the field of application of your standard tools and supports the professional use of these tools without having to acquire expert knowledge.

Our tool and framework solutions are realized together with our technology partners. All products feature a distinct applicational practicality (due to our experience from countless consultancy projects) and a high technical implementation level (due to the extensive technical expertise of our partners)

In the following, our products are listed:

Our workshop offer

Are you interested in our consultancy services? We would be happy to explain our service portfolio.

Our goal is to present our company and our offered services in a very detailed manner on our website. However, the presented and comprehensive web content can solely give an overview. Therefore, we recommend a presentation or workshop free of charge to assess personnally our expertice and our consultants.