Professional Solutions

To keep the high level of quality of software it needs to be developed continuously. The consquence is constant testing of this software. That is why i3 Consult offers practical and comprehensive QA solutions. Of course our solutions are highly customizable and can be easily integrated into existing organizations.

ISO/IEC 25000

Quality Assurance in IT Projects

The development of software in IT projects is a complex process involving mostly more than one employee. It is not unusual for mistakes to happen. However, high quality is possible when test activities are planned early and quality assurance is integrated into development projects.

i3 Consult supports you in everything concerning quality and takes on your projects in the field of quality assurance. Our experts use the latest tools combined with our experience and solution modules in order to offer professional consulting services.

Solution Modules

As part of our consulting services in the field of quality assurance in companies and groups, we have realized that our tasks are often the same or at least similar.

This is why we have created solution modules, which already include predefined and easy to adapt processes, documents and tools. This reduces the period of introduction and implementation for you: