Solutions for the Quality Management

The quality management (QM) represents one of the central components in project business to realize a steady optimization of processes, information and decision paths. i3 Consult offers a lot of service solutions, which can be quickly implemented at customer side.

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Why Quality Management?

Quality assurance is based on the approach to test the finished product more or less effectively and thus see whether it meets the requirements and to correct detected deviations. However, this approach has proven as not efficient enough.

This is why today not only software tests are used as quality-assuring measures, but also evaluation methods, which indirectly improve the quality of the product by improving the quality of the development process. Trials and tests are consequently sub-tasks of this process and as such only a part of the entire quality process. This approach is based on the hypothesis that a high-quality process predictably generates high-quality products. Although high product quality can be achieved by unstructured processes, the results usually fluctuate between extremely high and extremely low quality. i3 Consult offers a range of quality management solutions adapted to the software environment.