Examples from the Field of Quality Management

Quality management (QM) is crucial when dealing with the lasting and continual improvement of products, services and processes. i3 Consult supports you when introducing effective QM systems which meet the current requirements. In doing so, i3 Consult not only views a tool for standardization but the possibility to increase the company's success on the market by establishing suitable, effective and efficient procedures.

Project Examples

i3 Consult advises well-known groups and companies in the field of quality management.

In the following some anonymized project examples from the subject area of quality management are listed, which we implemented in a similar way:

A group would like to realize a new QM Handbook version.

i3 Consult receives the order to support the QM department concerning the elaboration and maintenance of the QM Handbook.

The i3 Consult solution

  • execution of SWOT analysis
  • development of recommended actions
  • project planning
  • establishment of the project teams
  • coaching of the Teams
  • development of the quality perception
  • development and adaptation of the quality awareness
  • creation of the quality strategy accompanied with goals and standards
  • documentation of the SOPs and TOPs with the goals

    • better structuring
    • more process transparency
    • more efficient approach

  • establishment or adjustment of measurement systems

    • definition of useful KPIs
    • identification and documentation of the measuring methods / cycles

  • review of the results
  • pass and release of the comprehend QM handbook
  • implementation of the QM Handbook

    • comprehend release management
    • training concerning the changes and improvements of the QM handbook
    • coaching within the implementation phase

Wthin the transition phases, i3 Consult uses trainings, workshops, and coaching to achieve effective know-how transfer.

The results

  • after a few months, the new QM handbook is established
  • the QM handbook contains

    • a common unterstanding of quality and the quality strategy
    • a reference book for quick decision support
    • proper checklists to shorten process times

  • the new quality strategy reflects the current market situation
  • the new measuring system delivers the company important information concerning

    • customer satisfaction
    • lead times
    • return / error rates
    • complaints etc.

  • the management receives

    • relevant corporate information (KPI Dashboard) for rapid, strategic business decisions
    • planning and implementing corrective action
    • the rapid adaptation to market changes

  • protection and expansion of the market share through improved customer satisfaction

A company would like to establish and certify its QM System based on the ISO 9001 norm.

i3 Consult receives the mandate to advice the company until the certification.

The i3 Consult solution

  • execution of SWOT analysis
  • development of recommended actions and project planning
  • establishment of the quality circle,  CIP, and CAPA processes
  • establishment of measuring system based on KPI
  • realization of an initial QM Handbook
  • corrections and expansions of the process design
  • voordination of the roles and responsibilities, the reporting etc.
  • review of the results
  • pass and release of the complete QM Handbook
  • implementation of the modified processes, roles, responsibilities etc.
  • proof of the process quality by assessing the respective KPIs
  • execution of "internal Audits" to prepare the organization for the Audit
  • Audit support

The results

  • The company has sucessfully passed the ISO 9001 Audit
  • the implemented CIP keeps the company competitive
  • the quality circle supports well operating cross-functional processes 
  • the CAPA process sustains proactive behave, error avoidance and TQM
  • improvement of customer satisfaction due to lower error rates
  • the management receives weekly a company reoprt (Dashboard)
  • the Dashboard promotes fast and strategic decisions
  • the company is able to react quickly to market changes

An international Group (Software Developer) would like to establish a quality and test strategy.

i3 Consult receives the order to develop and implement the respective strategies. It should be established support processes for the improvement of software quality and avoidance of error-prone software deliveries.

The i3 Consult solution

  • execution of as-is analysis
  • development of the quality strategy

    • development and establishment of a suitable quality understanding
    • deviation of the quality principles
    • definition of the responisbilities in terms of quality
    • definition of the quality goals
    • development of the quality methodologies
    • adjustment of the success triad time - quality - cost

  • development of the test strategy

    • transition of the quality strategy requirements
    • development and definition of the

      • test phase model
      • test rules
      • roles and responsibilities
      • reporting
      • document and report forms
      • information and decision pathes
      • test levels
      • dynamic and static test methodologies
      • parameters for the test case deviation
      • test specific KPI values

  • implementation

    • implementation of the test strategy in the several QA departments
    • measuring of the KPI values
    • evaluation of the KPI values and adaptation of the strategy

Within the development and transition phases, i3 Consult uses trainings, workshops, and coaching to achieve effective know-how transfer and to incorporate vital requirements of the respective branch.

The results

  • an effective quality strategy helps employees for better orientation
  • the quality goals helps to focus on the strategic important topics
  • the adjusted sucess triad simplifies decision processes
  • the test strategy harmonizes the test processes and qualities
  • standardized test processes lead to significant reduction of testing time
  • in general faster "Time-to-Market" of software development
  • expansion of the test design technique and coverage grade portfolio
  • better test coverage by the use of professional test case deviation methods
  • early error detection (already in the development phase)
  • improvement of the customer satisfaction due to lower error rates

A company would like to achieve a sustainable reduction of the error rate  within the production processes.

Herewith, the company engages i3 Consult to detect unused potentials as well as remaining risks. The consulting company shall elaborate recommended actions in terms of process optimization and adaptation.

The i3 Consult solution

  • analysis of the test and error reports
  • evaluation of the process and development documentation
  • interviews of the departments and teams
  • execution of the SWOT and risk analysis
  • explanation of the relationships between processes and error rate
  • documentation of the results
  • development of recomended actions
  • implementation of the aligned goals

The results 

  • increas of process transparency
  • better understanding between reason and impact
  • early detection of risk potentials
  • proactive approach
  • reduction of the error rate
  • cut of the development time
  • the bug fixing effort decreases
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