Software Testing

To keep the software at a high level of quality, it needs to be developed continuously. The consequence is that it needs to be tested again and again. We derived some project examples from actual projects so you can gain a better insight into our work methods.

Case Studies

i3 Consult advises well-known groups and enterprises in the areas of quality assurance and software testing.

In the following we list some anonymized examples for projects which we have executed in a similar way:

An international group would like to adapt and optimize their QA activities of the various test stages within the software development processes.

The goal is to obtain meaningful information about the different, relevant quality criteria to support decision-making and control processes throughout the software lifecycle. Furthermore, the available test teams should to be managed and guided whilst test execution.

The i3 Consult Apporach

  • as-is analysis
  • developing an enterprise-wide test policy and test strategy
  • preparation of master test plans including test concepts
  • considering all test levels (from component to user acceptance test)
  • specification of tests and test case derivation
  • resourceplanning / scheduling of testing personnel, test environments and test tools
  • monitoring test execution
  • support test execution by i3 Consult experts
  • coaching the test team
  • analysis of test results
  • documentation of test results and deviations
  • active defect tracking
  • conducting reviews

The results

  • planning security on the test projects
  • transparent control of test activities
  • professional testing approach
  • reviewed test scope and coverage of all test levels
  • test case creation based on standardized test case derivation methodologies
  • excellent test coverage
  • manual and automated test execution deliver rapidly the required test results
  • comprehend documentation of test activities
  • accurate and tangible defect documentation

A successful software company would like to transform their manual tests to automated tests.

Due to that, the company commissioned i3 Consult to implement the test cases in scripts which can be executed by the test drivers. Thus, the automated regression tests ensure the accuracy of existing functionality for each software release and relieve the test personnel concerning manual inspection tasks. Furthermore, the amount of carried out test cases should be increased significantly in order to achieve a comprehend test coverage within a test cycle.

The i3 Consult solution

  • test strategy development adapted to test automation
  • conduct ROI analysis to decide which areas should be automated
  • tool consulting and configuration
  • development and engangement of a test framework
  • transformation of existing, manual tests in automated tests
  • additional test case derivation to improve the test coverage
  • implement holistic or component-based test scripts

The results

  • improved planning reliability of the test projects
  • test case creation based on standardized tests derivation methodologies
  • better test coverage through new or additional tests derived
  • better test coverage within a test cycle, extensive tests
  • detailed quality statements concerning the test object
  • the test team is no longer the bottleneck in terms of test execution
  • complete documentation of the test procedures
  • timely feedback of test results
  • test automation can inspect test objects 7*24 hours in a week
  • the automated tests are always carried out exactly in the same manner
  • test results are reproducible

A customer wants to streamline its cost structure in the field of software development and to integrate quickly extensive expertise in the areas of software quality.

i3 Consult receives the mandate to operate a test factory (or test center of excellence) in terms of an outsourcing, offshore, or nearshore project and to perform professionally the incurred tasks. 

The i3 Consult Solution

  • order management
  • multi project management
  • coordination of the test teams
  • execution of all test projects with the phases

    • planning / conrolling
    • specification
    • preparation
    • execution
    • completion

  • ressource management concerning

    • test personal
    • test infrastructure
    • test hardware
    • test tools

  • shift operation optional

The Results

  • no amount of capital needed
  • no set-up costs
  • high planning security
  • transparent cost control
  • standardized processes based on TestSPICE
  • lcomplete documentation
  • quick elaboration of test results
  • comprehend QA and test competence

A company would like to reduce the fault rate within the development processes.

Herewith the company assigns i3 Consult to assess the process landscape for unused potentials as well as available risks to deviate process optimization and process adaptation proposals.

The i3 Consult solution 

  • analysis of test and defect reports
  • review of process and development documentation
  • interviews of the departments and teams
  • SWOT and risk analysis
  • detection of the relationships between processes and error rate
  • elaboration of the result reports
  • development of recommended actions
  • conversion of the aligned goals

The results

  • impovement of the process transparency
  • better understanding of the relationship between cause and effect
  • precocious detection of risk potentials
  • proactive operation
  • reduction of the error rate
  • cut of the development time
  • drop of the bug fixing efforts
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