i3 Consult Management Seminars


i3 Consult management seminar content is geared to the target group of management and entrepreneurs. Therefore the content is opimized to explain the relevant content within a one-day-seminar.

The seminars are offered at various locations of the i3 Consult or (optional) can be held at your office. The productive courses accompanied with a wide range of comprehensive conference facilities at our sites present in-depth information for professionals. The detailed seminar documentation is included.

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i3 Consult management seminars follow the guideline to transfer the know-how as well as to include your questions and to answer them.

The speakers - only experts - come with in-depth consulting and professional experience in the relevant fields. So you get concrete recommendations, which are based on the wide experience of innumerable projects.

Today, the i3 Consult offers the following seminars:

Agile development methods are explained and discussed intensively. But which approach would be actually the best for my team? You, in the role of an IT manager or director of software development, are interested to acheive sustainable improvement: Thus, you can gain new growth potentials within the development processes.

The content of the one-day seminar:

  • Introduction of the agile principles and methodologies e.g. Scrum, Software Kanban, Extreme Programming, and Crystal
  • Framework as well as advantages and disadvantages of the methods
  • Current insights and experiences concerning the usage of agile approaches

After attending the seminar, you are better equipped to

  • select the best approach in accordance of the requirements,
  • scale optimally the choosen method,
  • be able to embed the method in the specific project conditions, and
  • to implement and use correctly the selected method.

Lecturer: Frank Herfort

Motivation is achieved primarily through the respectful contact in companies. Individual empowerment enhances this effect and lead to a better connection and more confidence in the team and a healthy business in general terms. Within the ineractive workshop you learn how to be a leader, how to detect your and your team's potentials as well as how to use and promote this.

The content of the one-day workshop:

  • respect: the most vital factor of motivation

    • respectful contact
    • fault versus comprehension
    • empathy and assertiveness

  • fast intervention in terms of problems

    • systemic Coaching
    • goal orientierted coaching

  • increase of motivation

    • feedback and feedforward
    • appraisal instead of compliments

After the seminar you would be able to 

  • use methods and systemic approches for respectful contact
  • use interventions to clarify effectively problems between employees
  • realize the actual concerns of your counterpart and respond respectfully
  • find common strategies to fulfil and transact the needs
  • use respectfil communication for the enterprise profit and personal growth
  • achieve the evolvement and sustainable motivation of your employees

Lecturer: Udo Brunner

Often the success within the sales-cycle is missing due to persons with differnt views meet together. Sellers and buyers speak different languages. This leads to misunderstandings and inacceptance within the conversation. Therefore, the sales process becomes ineffective. The knowledge and understanding of the counterpart's behavior can avoid this mentioned effect.

The content of the one-day-seminar:

  • behavior basics
  • learn through self-test:

    • Who am I?
    • Why do I react in particulard situations as I do?
    • Why do I not get along with some customers?

  • detection of someone's behaviors
  • development of successful strategies and explanations
  • correct understanding of the client's views and responsive reaction

After attending the seminar, you will be able to:

  • convince difficult customers
  • convince more clients with less efforts
  • even delight diverse customers
  • assess the counterpart's views
  • use a targeted selection of words and corresponding phrases
  • develop your own personality
  • increase your overall sales competence

Lecturer: Werner Maurus

This one-day sales seminar, we provide an overview of the main points, which make a successful sales pitch. We encourage you to test the proposed methods and creatively develop together with us. The ability to lead meetings in a professional manner represents a key role in ever more rapidly changing requirements.

The content of the one-day seminar:

  • communication basics

    • behavior and effect
    • the four-sides model

  • characters of the personality

    • the eight characters of the personality
    • conversation control 

  • correct presentation

    • define goals
    • presentation structure
    • preparation: this should you know about your participants
    • execution: DOs and DON'Ts

  • the sales pitch

    • the four phase of a sales pitch
    • preparation: this should you know about your counterpart
    • execution: DOs und DON'Ts

  • and at the end: Do I meet my goals?

The seminar goals:

  • confidence in communication
  • strengthen your own personality
  • learn how to advocat your opinion
  • learn serious behaviour
  • acceptance of feedback and behavioral change

Lecturer: Markus Fischer

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