Mobile Testing

Mobile apps can be successfully tested by means of our special test driver using testing automation. The test driver also responds to our tool neutral test process language T3.TML via T3.Test framework. Furthermore, you can control the test driver via our framework from your testing management system and look at the test results.


Test Process

The test driver itself executes preparational, implemeting and final tasks within the tests. All activities are recorded and transmitted to the testing management system when integrated.

Firstly, the application is set up by the test driver: The test driver downloads the program code version to be tested from the version management tool and compiles this code. The finished application is then transferred to the test object. If the T3.test framework is used, the test engineer can define the examination processes in the tool neutral test language T3.TML, even if no prior technical knowledge exists. Before executing the actual test, T3.TML files are automatically translated into the language of the test driver and stored as testing scripts. While testing, the test driver goes through the translated testing scripts and compares the results expected to the current value. All relevant information of the testing implementation are recorded in a test log or test protocol and stored as test results or transmitted to the testing management system.

Two Environment Options

The automation testing can be executed on the smartphone itself or on a virtual machine simulating a smartphone.

Therefore, you are not depend on smartphones as testing objects for automated test execution. Furthermore, tests are often executed faster when they are carried out on a high-performance PC rather than on a smartphone.

Capacity of Integration

Our test driver of the new generation has an adapter, which can be successfully integrated into testing tool platforms and testing frameworks due to its configurability.

Thus, the tool cannot only be used as a stand-alone but also as part of larger test factories via external controlling through testing management systems.